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Source Water Protection News

Are there any unused wells located in your Wellhead Protection Area that have not been properly closed?  There may be funding assistance to get them closed. Contact your local Natural Resources District to see if they will participate in a cost/share program covering some or all of the expense to properly close abandoned wells.

Abandoned wells, which are not properly sealed, provide a direct path for contaminants to get into the groundwater.  Runoff or sediment entering a well may contain pesticides, fertilizer, livestock waste, bacteria or other contaminants that are harmful to the water supply.  These contaminants come from chemicals applied to lawns as well as from farmsteads and fields.

Interested communities will need to complete the first three steps of a Wellhead Protection Program (delineated map, contaminant source inventory, and management plan). There is assistance available if your community needs help in completing these steps.



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