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Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"


Barney Whatley



"Round Two" Spring 2004

"In the Heat of the Day" Summer 2004

"How Do I Compare?" Fall 2004

"Call For Help" Winter 2004

"Backflow Training Update" Spring 2005

"Operator Certification" Summer 2005

"Misunderstood" Fall 2005

"Decommissioning Abandoned Wells" Winter 2005

"NeRWA Receives EPA Grant" Spring 2006

"Source Water Training for Operators" Summer 2006

"Whose Job is it?" Fall 2006

"Help Wanted" Winter 2006

"Where is it Coming From?" Spring 2007

"Hello Again" Fall 2007

"System Assessments" Winter 2007

"Conducting Income Surveys" Spring 2008

"Water Rates and Capacity Development" Summer 2008

"The Elusive Dollar" Fall 2008

"Falls City Plant Tour" Fall 2008

"Stay Alert" Winter 2008

"Meet Jack Stevens" Spring 2009

"I'm Stimulated" Summer 2009

"How Old is Your Storage Tank?" Fall 2009

"Planning for the Future" Winter 2009

"Capital Planning" Summer 2010

"Where Am I?" Fall 2010

"The Great Outdoors" Winter 2010

"Be Prepared" Spring 2011

"Tent for Sale" Fall 2011

"Is It Time for a Check-Up?" Winter 2011

"Preparation is the Key" Spring 2012

"2012 Annual Conference Report" Summer 2012

"Project Funding Woes" Fall 2012

"2012 Western Conference" Winter 2012

"Back to Work" Winter 2012

"Training in the Dark" Spring 2013

"Backflow Training Update" Summer 2013

"The Importance of Good Maps" Fall 2013

"And the Rush is On!!" Winter 2013

"Dealing with Regulations" Spring 2014

"Summer Water Use" Summer 2014

"Getting GPS Bids" Fall 2014

"Proposed Backflow Changes" Winter 2014

"Welcome to the 21st Century" Spring 2015

"This is Odd" Summer 2015

"Back Where I Started" Fall 2015

"Board Training" Winter 2015

"Read Your Mail" Spring 2016

"Proactive Planning" Summer 2016

"Water, Water, Everywhere!" Fall 2016

"OOPS - My Bad" Winter 2016

"The Clock is Ticking!" Spring 2017

"Thank You Fred" Summer 2017

"The Importance of Computers" Fall 2017

"Read and Reply" Winter 2017

"Power of the Written Word" Spring 2018

"Review Your Surveys" Summer 2018

"Be Proactive" Winter 2018

"Source Water Protection Planning" Spring 2019

"Contaminant Source Inventory" Summer 2019

"Wellhead Protection Area Maps" Fall 2019

"Emergency Planning vs Contingency Planning" Winter 2019

"Source Water Plan Issues" Spring 2020

"Different Source Water Plans" Summer 2020

"Restarting the System" Fall 2020

"Funding Source Water Projects" Winter 2020

"Ah, The Memories" Spring 2021

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