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Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"


Groundwater Specialist



"Wellhead Protection" Spring 2004 by Clancy Dempsey

"Managing Your Wellhead Protection Area" Summer 2004 by Clancy Dempsey

"Wellhead Protection: Identifying Potential Contaminants" Fall 2004 by Clancy Dempsey

"Money Can't Buy Happiness, But..." Winter 2004 by Clancy Dempsey

"Case Study: City of Bayard Wellhead Protection Plan" Spring 2005 by Clancy Dempsey

"What's Down the Road" Summer 2005 by Clancy Dempsey

"Getting to the Point of Non Point Source Pollution..." Fall 2005 by Clancy Dempsey

"Nitrates in Drinking Water" Winter 2005 by Clancy Dempsey

"Source Water Protection Grants" Spring 2006 by Clancy Dempsey

"It's That Time of the Year" Summer 2006 by Clancy Dempsey

"Proverbs, Quotes and Protecting Your Communities Drinking Water" Fall 2006 by Clancy Dempsey

"A Learning Process" Spring 2007 by Charles Bausch

"Best Management Plans for Wellhead Protection Areas" Fall 2007 by Charles Bausch

"Small Steps" Winter 2007 by Charles Bausch

"The Fight Against Drought" Spring 2008 by Charles Bausch

"Community Management Planning" Summer 2008 by Charles Bausch

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