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Nebraska Rural Water Association




Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"


Ken Halvorsen



"Introduction to Source Water Protection" Summer 2017

"The Education Continues" Fall 2017

"Managing Your Wellhead Protection Area" Winter 2017

"Sourcewater Protection Grants Program" Spring 2018

"Who is Going to Take My Place?" Summer 2018

"Review and Nitrates in our Drinking Water" Fall 2018

"System Assessments and Board Training" Winter 2018

"Assessments-Assessments: State Revolving Fund" Spring 2019

"We Don't Need That!" Summer 2019

"Water and Mother Nature" Fall 2019

"System Assessments, Why Bother?" Winter 2019

"Looking Back at 2019" Spring 2020

"Situation Awareness" Summer 2020

"ZOOM Meeting: The Bane of the Vain" Fall 2020

"Attracting & Retaining Water System Employees" Winter 2020

"What is Board Training and Why Do We Need It?" Spring 2021

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