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Nebraska Rural Water Association

Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"

Mike Stanzel

"Getting to know the new Deputy Circuit Rider" Winter 2008

"Winter Weather Safety" Spring 2009

"Preparing for Your Sanitary Survey" Summer 2009

"Summer Weather Safety" Fall 2009

"Who's Goint to Fill Their Shoes?" Winter 2009

"Storage Tower/Tank Cleaning" Spring 2010

"Leak Detection & Leak Locating: What's The Difference?" Summer 2010

"Whose Leak is it Anyway?" Fall 2010

"Old Man Winter's Coming, Are You Ready?" Winter 2010

"Operator Ethics & Integrity" Spring 2011

"What Are Your Plans This Spring?" Summer 2011

"Any Leak is a Bad Leak" Fall 2011

"That Leak is Where?" Winter 2011

"Got Coliform?" Spring 2012

"Towns Helping Towns" Summer 2012

"2012 Is One Dry and Hot Summer" Fall 2012

"Small System Struggles" Winter 2012

"Winter Driving Safety" Spring 2013

"Preparing for Your Sanitary Survey" Summer 2013

"New Opportunities" Fall 2013

"Stepping into Wellhead Protection" Winter 2013

"Protecting Our Groudwater is Vital" Spring 2014

"Beware of a Free Lunch" Summer 2014

"You Can't Plan for This!" Fall 2014

"This Could Happen to You" Winter 2014

"Preparing for Disinfection" Spring 2015

"Never Assume Anything" Summer 2015

"Pilger; One Year Later" Fall 2015

"Planning for the Future" Winter 2015

"Reaching Out for Assistance" Spring 2016

"E-coli and Unprepared" Summer 2016

"Eleven Commandments for Water Users" Fall 2016

"Are Your Hydrants Being Properly Maintained?" Winter 2016

"Just a Simple Leak? Yeah, Right!" Spring 2017

"Severe Weather Awareness" Summer 2017

"Dealing with Boards/Councils" Fall 2017

"Valve Exercising" Winter 2017

"Brutal Cold Snap Wreaks Havoc" Spring 2018

"Not Your Average Main Break" Summer 2018

"Is the Use of Drones in our Future?" Fall 2018

"Things You Probably Didn't Know About Water" Winter 2018

"Preventing Chlorination Mishaps" Spring 2019

"When Disaster Hits Home" Summer 2019

"Hydrant Flow Testing and Color Coding" Fall 2019

"Crazy Nebraska Weather" Winter 2019

"Water Myths vs Realities" Spring 2020

"Drawdowns Made Simple" Summer 2020

"Line Freeze Kit for the Win!" Fall 2020

"Preventative Well Maintenance" Winter 2020

"All by Yourself" Spring 2021

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