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Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"


Randy Hellbusch



"Pipe Freezing" Spring 2004

"How to Hire the Right Engineer" Summer 2004

"How Ironic" Spring 2005

"Is it the Water or is it the Sampling Site?" Summer 2005

"NeRWA Rate Survey" Fall 2005

"Fire Protection Cost" Winter 2005

"Lead & Copper Sampling" Summer 2006

"Update" Fall 2006

"Asset Management, A Big Part of Capacity Development" Winter 2006

"Utilities Helping Utilities" Fall 2007

"None of Us are Getting Any Younger" Winter 2007

"NeWARN Update" Spring 2008

"Reflections of a Water Operator" Summer 2008

"Leak Detection" Fall 2008

"Full Cost Pricing" Winter 2008

"The Red Flag Rule and Your Water/Wastewater Utility" Spring 2009

"NeWARN" Summer 2009

"NeWARN Update" Fall 2009

"Late Fees and Disconnects" Winter 2009

"Educating the Public on Water Conservation" Spring 2010

"Keeping Up With Rising Costs" Summer 2010

"Sample Rate Ordinance" Summer 2010

"Variable Frequency Drives and Energy Savings" Fall 2010

"Back To The Basics" Winter 2010

"Washing Machine Smell" Spring 2011

"Do I Have A Water Leak Or A Revenue Leak?" Summer 2011

"Reviewing Water Rates" Fall 2011

"Reviewing Water Rates" Winter 2011

"The True Value of Water" Spring 2012

"An Effective Rate Increase Option" Summer 2012

"Lawn Watering Info" Fall 2012

"Are Water Systems Important?" Winter 2012

"Drought in 2013? Is Your System Prepared?" Spring 2013

"Billing for Larger Water Meters" Summer 2013

"What a Difference a Year Makes!" Fall 2013

"The State of the Water Industry" Winter 2013

"Rising Water Rates" Spring 2014

"Meters are a Must" Summer 2014

"An Article About Water and Sewer Rate Increases" Fall 2014

"Water Rates and Public Relations" Winter 2014

"NeWARN" Spring 2015

"Is Your Water System Prepared for Drought Conditions?" Summer 2015

"Do You Have a Good Main Flushing Program?" Fall 2015

"What is This RTCR?" Winter 2015

"Back to the Basics" Spring 2016

"Drought Preparedness" Summer 2016

"Better Planning for Short-lived Assets, Operations and Maintenance" Fall 2016

"Hydrant Flushing and Flow Information" Winter 2016

"Setting Rates - It's Not a One and Done Deal" Spring 2017

"Earth Day" Summer 2017

"Reserves" Fall 2017

"Raising Revenues Without Raising Rates" Winter 2017

"Chlorinator Maintenance" Spring 2018

"Valve Exercising Time" Summer 2018

"Meter Charges" Fall 2018

"Customer Water Complaints" Winter 2018

"Fire Protection Cost" Spring 2019

"Avoid Rate Shock!" Summer 2019

"Lead and Copper Sampling" Fall 2019

"Full Cost Pricing" Winter 2019

"Hydrant Flushing Notification" Spring 2020

"Asset Management; A Big Part of Capacity Development" Summer 2020

"Back to the Basics" Fall 2020

"The True Value of Water" Winter 2020

"Capacity Development and Sanitary Surveys" Spring 2021

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