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Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"


Russ Topp



"All Leaks Surface, Don't They?" Spring 2004

"System Maps - Are They Really That Important?" Summer 2004

"The War on Water Leaks" Fall 2004

"What "Under the Influence" Could Mean For You" Winter 2004

"McCook's Mobile Water Shop" Spring 2005

"Water Myths and Realities" Summer 2005

"Chlorine Pumps: Diaphragm versus Peristaltic" Fall 2005

"25 Interesting Facts to Baffle Your Friends" Winter 2005

"Drawdowns Made Simple - Second Addition" Spring 2006

"The Mystery of the Moving Plastic Pipe" Summer 2006

"Spotlight on Oshkosh" Fall 2006

"Sometimes frozen Water Lines Can Be a Good Thing" Winter 2006

"I Can't Be Using That Much Water!" Spring 2007

"Don't Freeze That Tower" Fall 2007

"Iron and Manganese a Problem?" Winter 2007

"Preventative Well Maintenance" Spring 2008

"Damaged Lab Equipment" Summer 2008

"Flouride Reporting" Fall 2008

"Large Meter Testing" Winter 2008

"Large Meter Accuracy" Spring 2009

"New Valve Exerciser" Summer 2009

"Flow Testing and Color Coding Fire Hydrants" Fall 2009

"Tracking Water Loss When Flushing Hydrants" Winter 2009

"Sampling Techniques for Coliform Bacteria" Spring 2010

"How to Calculate and Report Flouride Usage" Summer 2010

"Another 25 Interesting Facts About Water" Fall 2010

"Things To Consider Before Installing Antennas On Your Tower" Winter 2010

"Underground Utilities Color Codes" Spring 2011

"Meter Accuracy" Summer 2011

"Save That Well" Fall 2011

"Good Time for an Audit" Winter 2011

"The Importance of Tracking Water Produced or Pumped" Spring 2012

"Sampling Stations" Summer 2012

"The Giraffe Test" Fall 2012

"Getting Ready for Winter" Winter 2012

"Large Meters - What Do They Really Cost?" Spring 2013

"You Won't Believe This!" Summer 2013

"What Free Internet Could Cost Your System" Fall 2013

"Winter is Right Around the Corner" Winter 2013

"Keep the Stenner Pump Running Like New" Spring 2014

"Old Guys" Spring 2014

"Clorox; Is it Safe for Drinking Water?" Summer 2014

"Thanks to You, NeRWA now has a new freeze kit" Fall 2014

"Be Sure to Check Those Valves!" Winter 2014

"All Leaks Surface Don't They?" Spring 2015

"Preventative Well Maintenance"Summer 2015

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