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Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"


Water Circuit Riders



"Pipe Freezing" Spring 2004 by Randy Hellbusch

"All Leaks Surface, Don't They?" Spring 2004 by Russ Topp

"How to Hire the Right Engineer" Summer 2004 by Randy Hellbusch

"System Maps - Are They Really That Important?" Summer 2004 by Russ Topp

"The War on Water Leaks" Fall 2004 by Russ Topp

"What "Under the Influence" Could Mean For You" Winter 2004 by Russ Topp

"How Ironic" Spring 2005 by Randy Hellbusch

"McCook's Mobile Water Shop" Spring 2005 by Russ Topp

"Is it the Water or is it the Sampling Site?" Summer 2005 by Randy Hellbusch

"Water Myths and Realities" Summer 2005 by Russ Topp

"NeRWA Rate Survey" Fall 2005 by Randy Hellbusch

"Chlorine Pumps: Diaphragm versus Peristaltic" Fall 2005 by Russ Topp

"Fire Protection Cost" Winter 2005 by Randy Hellbusch

"25 Interesting Facts to Baffle Your Friends" Winter 2005 by Russ Topp

"Drawdowns Made Simple - Second Addition" Spring 2006 by Russ Topp

"Lead & Copper Sampling" Summer 2006 by Randy Hellbusch

"The Mystery of the Moving Plastic Pipe" Summer 2006 by Russ Topp

"Update" Fall 2006 by Randy Hellbusch

"Spotlight on Oshkosh" Fall 2006 by Russ Topp

"Asset Management, A Big Part of Capacity Development" Winter 2006 by Randy Hellbusch

"Sometimes frozen Water Lines Can Be a Good Thing" Winter 2006 by Russ Topp

"I Can't Be Using That Much Water!" Spring 2007 by Russ Topp

"Utilities Helping Utilities" Fall 2007 by Randy Hellbusch

"Don't Freeze That Tower" Fall 2007 by Russ Topp

"None of Us are Getting Any Younger" Winter 2007 by Randy Hellbusch

"Iron and Manganese a Problem?" Winter 2007 by Russ Topp

"NeWARN Update" Spring 2008 by Randy Hellbusch

"Preventative Well Maintenance" Spring 2008 by Russ Topp

"Reflections of a Water Operator" Summer 2008 by Randy Hellbusch

"Damaged Lab Equipment" Summer 2008 by Russ Topp

"Leak Detection" Fall 2008 by Randy Hellbusch

"Flouride Reporting" Fall 2008 by Russ Topp

"Full Cost Pricing" Winter 2008 by Randy Hellbusch

"Large Meter Testing" Winter 2008 by Russ Topp

"The Red Flag Rule and Your Water/Wastewater Utility" Spring 2009 by Randy Hellbusch

"Large Meter Accuracy" Spring 2009 by Russ Topp

"NeWARN" Summer 2009 by Randy Hellbusch

"New Valve Exerciser" Summer 2009 by Russ Topp

"NeWARN Update" Fall 2009 by Randy Hellbusch

"Flow Testing and Color Coding Fire Hydrants" Fall 2009 by Russ Topp

"Hello from Doug" Fall 2009 by Doug Buresh

"Late Fees and Disconnects" Winter 2009 by Randy Hellbusch

"Tracking Water Loss When Flushing Hydrants" Winter 2009 by Russ Topp

"USDA Rural Development Funding" Winter 2009 by Doug Buresh

"The New "Old Kid" on the Block" Winter 2009 by Johnny Thornton

"Educating the Public on Water Conservation" Spring 2010 by Randy Hellbusch

"Sampling Techniques for Coliform Bacteria" Spring 2010 by Russ Topp

"Assistance Available to Rural Communities from Rural Development" Spring 2010 by Doug Buresh

"Save It - Don't Waste It"Spring 2010 by Johnny Thornton

"Keeping Up With Rising Costs" Summer 2010 by Randy Hellbusch

"Sample Rate Ordinance" Summer 2010 by Randy Hellbusch

"How to Calculate and Report Flouride Usage" Summer 2010 by Russ Topp

"The 2009 CCR Process in a Nutshell" Summer 2010 by Doug Buresh

"Meet Ken Widhalm"Summer 2010 by Ken Widhalm

"Variable Frequency Drives and Energy Savings" Fall 2010 by Randy Hellbusch

"Another 25 Interesting Facts About Water" Fall 2010 by Russ Topp

"One-Stop Shopping at WWAC" Fall 2010 by Doug Buresh

"Time is Flying By!!" Fall 2010 by Ken Widhalm

"Back To The Basics" Winter 2010 by Randy Hellbusch "Things To Consider Before Installing Antennas On Your Tower" Winter 2010 by Russ Topp

"Water & Wastewater Grant Information" Winter 2010 by Doug Buresh

"My Last Review" Winter 2010 by Ken Widhalm

"Washing Machine Smell" Spring 2011 by Randy Hellbusch

"Underground Utilities Color Codes" Spring 2011 by Russ Topp

"Do I Have A Water Leak Or A Revenue Leak?" Summer 2011 by Randy Hellbusch

"Meter Accuracy" Summer 2011 by Russ Topp

"Reviewing Water rates" Fall 2011 by Randy Hellbusch

"Save That Well" Fall 2011 by Russ Topp

"Reviewing Water Rates" Winter 2011 by Randy Hellbusch

"Good Time for an Audit" Winter 2011 by Russ Topp

"The True Value of Water" Spring 2012 by Randy Hellbusch

"The Importance of Tracking Water Produced or Pumped" Spring 2012 by Russ Topp

"An Effective Rate Increase Option" Summer 2012 by Randy Hellbusch

"Sampling Stations" Summer 2012 by Russ Topp

"The Value of Water and the Water Operator" Summer 2012 by Doug Buresh

"Lawn Watering Info" Fall 2012 by Randy Hellbusch

"The Giraffe Test" Fall 2012 by Russ Topp

"In Operators We Trust" Fall 2012 by Doug Buresh

"Are Water Systems Important?" Winter 2012 by Randy Hellbusch

"Getting Ready for Winter" Winter 2012 by Russ Topp

"Drought in 2013? Is Your System Prepared?" Spring 2013 by Randy Hellbusch

"Large Meters - What Do They Really Cost?" Spring 2013 by Russ Topp

"Billing for Larger Water Meters" Summer 2013 by Randy Hellbusch

"You Won't Believe This" Summer 2013 by Russ Topp

"What a Difference a Year Makes!" Fall 2013 by Randy Hellbusch

"What Free Internet Could Cost Your System" Fall 2013 by Russ Topp

"The State of the Water Industry" Winter 2013 by Randy Hellbusch

"Winter is Right Around the Corner" Winter 2013 by Russ Topp

"Rising Water Rates" Spring 2014 by Randy Hellbusch

"Keep the Stenner Pump Running Like New" Spring 2014 by Russ Topp

"Old Guys" Spring 2014 by Russ Topp

"Meters are a Must" Summer 2014 by Randy Hellbusch

"Clorox; Is it Safe for Drinking Water?" Summer 2014 by Russ Topp

"An Article About Water and Sewer Rate Increases" Fall 2014 by Randy Hellbusch

"Thanks to You, NeRWA now has a new freeze kit" Fall 2014 by Russ Topp

"Water Rates and Public Relations" Winter 2014 by Randy Hellbusch

"Be Sure to Check Those Valves!" Winter 2014 by Russ Topp

"NeWarn" Spring 2015 by Randy Hellbusch

"All Leaks Surface Don't They?" Spring 2015 by Russ Topp

"Is Your Water System Prepared for Drought Conditions?" Summer 2015 by Randy Hellbusch

"Preventative Well Maintenance" Summer 2015 by Russ Topp

"Do You Have a Good Main Flushing Program?" Fall 2015 by Randy Hellbusch

"Pilger; One Year Later Fall 2015 by Mike Stanzel

"What is This RTCR? Winter 2015 by Randy Hellbusch

"Planning for The Future" Winter 2015 by Mike Stanzel

"Back to the Basics" Spring 2016 by Randy Hellbusch

"Reaching Out for Assistance" Spring 2016 by Mike Stanzel

"Drought Preparedness" Summer 2016 by Randy Hellbusch

"E-coli and Unprepared" Summer 2016 by Mike Stanzel

"Better Planning for Short-lived Assets, Operations and Maintenance" Fall 2016 by Randy Hellbusch

"Eleven Commandments for Water Users" Fall 2016 by Mike Stanzel

"Hydrant Flushing and Flow Information Winter 2016 by Randy Hellbusch

"Are Your Hydrants being Proberly Maintained?" Winter 2016 by Mike Stanzel

"Raising Revenues Without Raising Rates" Winter 2017 by Randy Hellbusch

"Valve Exercising" Winter 2017 by Mike Stanzel

"Chlorinator Maintenance" Spring 2018 by Randy Hellbusch

"Brutal Cold Snap Wreaks Havoc" Spring 2018 by Mike Stanzel

"Valve Exercising Time" Summer 2018 by Randy Hellbusch

"Not Your Average Main Break" Summer 2018 by Mike Stanzel

"Meter Charges" Fall 2018 by Randy Hellbusch

"Is the Use of Drones in our Future?" Fall 2018 by Mike Stanzel

"Customer Water Complaints" Winter 2018 by Randy Hellbusch

"Things You Probably Didn't Know About Water" Winter 2018 by Mike Stanzel

"Fire Protection Cost" Spring 2019 by Randy Hellbusch

"Preventing Chlorinator Mishaps" Spring 2019 by Mike Stanzel

"Avoid Rate Shock" Summer 2019 by Randy Hellbusch

"When Disaster Hits Home" Summer 2019 by Mike Stanzel

"An Introduction" Summer 2019 by Scott Finke

"Lead and Copper Sampling" Fall 2019 by Randy Hellbusch

"Hydrant Flow Testing and Color Coding" Fall 2019 by Mike Stanzel

"Finding a Successor" Fall 2019 by Scott Finke

"Full Cost Pricing" Winter 2019 by Randy Hellbusch

"Crazy Nebraska Weather" Winter 2019 by Mike Stanzel

"What's in Your Water?" Winter 2019 by Scott Finke

"Hydrant Flushing Notification" Spring 2020 by Randy Hellbusch

"Water Myths vs Realities" Spring 2020 by Mike Stanzel

"First Year on the Job" Spring 2020 by Scott Finke

"Asset Management; A Big Part of Capacity Development" Summer 2020 by Randy Hellbusch

"Drawdowns Made Simple" Summer 2020 by Mike Stanzel

"What a Difference a Year Makes Summer 2020 by Scott Finke

"Back to the Basics" Fall 2020 by Randy Hellbusch

"Line Freeze Kit for the Win!" Fall 2020 by Mike Stanzel

"Leak Detection Fall 2020 by Scott Finke

"The True Value of Water" Winter 2020 by Randy Hellbusch

"Preventative Well Maintenance" Winter 2020 by Mike Stanzel

"Water Meters" Winter 2020 by Scott Finke

"Capacity Development and Sanitary Surveys" Spring 2021 by Randy Hellbusch

"All by Yourself" Spring 2021 by Mike Stanzel

"Vulnerability Assessments" Spring 2021 by Scott Finke

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