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Archived Articles from the "Good Water News"


Wastewater Technician



"Lights, Camera, Action" Spring 2004 by Jim Heyen

"Facility Spotlight - Ewing, Nebraska" Summer 2004 by Jim Heyen

"Lagoon Tips" Fall 2004 by Jim Heyen

"Choices For Rehabilitation" Winter 2004 by Jim Heyen

"How Ready Are We?" Spring 2005 by Jim Heyen

"To Flush or Not to Flush, This is the Question" Summer 2005 by Jim Heyen

"Algae Control Using Barley Straw" Fall 2005 by Jim Heyen

"Fats, Oils and Grease Traps" Winter 2005 by Jim Heyen

"Household Hazards" Spring 2006 by Jim Heyen

"Sampling Made Easy" Summer 2006 by Jim Heyen

"When Smoking is a Good Thing" Fall 2006 by Jim Heyen

"Lagoons: Operation and Maintenance" Winter 2006 by Jim Heyen

"Lagoons: Flow Measurement" Spring 2007 by Jim Heyen

"Lagoons: Sampling" Fall 2007 by Jim Heyen

"Bypassing - Sometimes the Necessary Evil" Winter 2007 by Jim Heyen

"Our Aging Workforce" Spring 2008 by Jim Heyen

"DEQs...Mission Organization" Summer 2008 by Jim Heyen

"Paradise via Nebraska" Fall 2008 by Jim Heyen

"Preventative (Health) Maintenance" Winter 2008 by Jim Heyen

"Asset Management" Spring 2009 by Jim Heyen

"Decoding Terminology" Summer 2009 by Jim Heyen

"Conserving Water ... and Wastewater!!!" Fall 2009 by Jim Heyen

"Keys yo Camera Use" Winter 2009 by Jim Heyen

"pH Calibration" Spring 2010 by Jim Heyen

"Discharge Monitoring Reports - A Different Perspective" Summer 2010 by Jim Heyen

"Pin UP Calendar" Winter 2010 by Jim Heyen

"Announcing Certification Training" Spring 2011 by Jim Heyen

"Spring Break!" Summer 2011 by Jim Heyen

"Farewell" Fall 2011 by Jim Heyen

"The New Wastewater Tech" Winter 2011 by Mike Lucas

"Wastewater Video Inspections" Spring 2012 by Mike Lucas

"Utility Management Certification" Summer 2012 by Mike Lucas

"Wastewater Update" Fall 2012 by Mike Lucas

"2012; A Year of Challenges" Winter 2012 by Mike Lucas

"September Conferences on a Lighter Side" Winter 2012 by Mike Lucas

"Employee Safety and Training" Spring 2013 by Mike Lucas

"Collection System Backups" Summer 2013 by Mike Lucas

"Lift Stations" Fall 2013 by Mike Lucas

"Dangers of Confined Spaces" Winter 2013 by Mike Lucas

"A Look Back at 2013 and a Look Ahead to 2014" Spring 2014 by Mike Lucas

"Spring is On the Way" Summer 2014 by Mike Lucas

"Operator Tips" Fall 2014 by Mike Lucas

"Where on Earth...?" Winter 2014 by Mike Lucas

"Be Aware!" Spring 2015 by Mike Lucas

"NDEQ's AWIN Program for Evaluating Infrastructure" Summer 2015 by Mike Lucas

"Land of Extremes" Fall 2015 by Mike Lucas

"Shared Operators" Winter 2015 by Mike Lucas

"Standard Operating Procedures; aka "SOP"" Spring 2016 by Mike Lucas

"NPDES; National Pollution Discharge Elimination System" Summer 2016 by Mike Lucas

"Electronic Reporting of DMRs" Fall 2016 by Mike Lucas

"Training for 2017" Winter 2016 by Mike Lucas

"Seasonal Lagoon Discharges" Spring 2017 by Mike Lucas

"NPDES" Summer 2017 by Mike Lucas

"EPA Nutrient Survey" Fall 2017 by Mike Lucas

"EPA Enforcement Action" Winter 2017 by Mike Lucas

"Shared/Contract Operators" Spring 2018 by Mike Lucas

"Be Alert/Be Aware" Summer 2018 by Mike Lucas

"Reducing the "Fog"" Fall 2018 by Mike Lucas

"Shared Operators" Spring 2019 by Mike Lucas

"Ode to the Unknown Public Employee" Summer 2019 by Mike Lucas

"Wastewater Operator Training; 2019-2020" Fall 2019 by Mike Lucas

"Welcome Charles "Buck" Buckley" Fall 2019 by Buck Buckley

"Your Succession Plan" Winter 2019 by Mike Lucas

"Hello, Nebraska" Winter 2019 by Buck Buckley

"Certification Testing and Training" Spring 2020 by Mike Lucas

"The Many Hats of an Operator" Spring 2020 by Buck Buckley

"Quaranteen Quiz fr Fun" Summer 2020 by Buck Buckley

"Greetings!" Summer 2020 by Adam German

"Wastewater Training & Testing" Fall 2020 by Buck Buckley

"Learning Some of the Things NeRWA Does" Fall 2020 by Adam German

"UV Preventative Maintenance" Winter 2020 by Buck Buckley

"Top Ten Problems Encountered" Spring 2021 by Buck Buckley

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